Baking mixes

For example:

  • Ready baking mixes
    • Rustic Twisted Bread
    • Light Twisted Bread
    • Spelt Twisted Bread
    • Brown Flour
    • Sunflower seed and spelt wholemeal mix
  • Various types of baking concentrates
  • Customised baking mixes

Added value for the best baked goods

Micronised bran products provide fibre, absorb water and are natural colourants and flavourings.

The addition of broken-down, micronized full-fat wheat germ ensures an enhanced flavour and natural freshness in any white bread products. They are also responsible for the yellowish colouring of the baked goods.

The use of micronised wheat flour increases water absorption by 20%. These flours can be used in frozen products in proportions up to 15%, the advantages being increased water absorption and longer lasting freshness.

Extruder Products

Classic roux (light and dark) for the catering industry

Product features and advantages:

  • thorough binding based on flour
  • no lumps and no browning
  • ideal for thickening to make light and dark sauces, soups and meat stock


  • Bring the stock from meat, game fish or vegetables to the boil.
  • Stir in ROUX light or dark
    • (approx. 100 g) for 1 l sauce
    • (approx.. 70 g) for 1 l soup with a whisk
  • Boil for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally
  • Season to taste.

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