Our chief aims:

  • compliance with our high quality standards
  • constant expansion of our range
  • continuous quality improvement

We only work with GMO free raw materials.

The HACCP concept that we adhere to strictly guarantees the highest required hygiene standard.

Regular contaminant testing underlines our quality policy.

Production takes place in closed plants with a high level of automation.

This safeguards quality and product security.

Our Certificates:

Unser IFS-Zertifikat
IFS-Certificate valid until 2018-10-11
Unser HACCP-Zertifikat
HACCP-Certificate valid until 2019-10-03
Unser GMP+-Zertifikat
GMP+-Certificate valid until 2018-07-29
Unser BIO-Zertifikat
BIO-Certificate valid until 2019-01-31

By quality, we mean that the customer comes back rather than the product!